About Saro Designs
Textiles in varied textures, spanning the wide range from napkin rings to table throws to bedcovers, supplement the selection of textiles into full collections.

Our philosophy at Saro is three-fold: Good design. Great value. Long-lasting partnerships.

Our customers have come to us for more than 30 years, knowing that they will get the latest patterns in home textiles in the same place that caters to their traditional needs. They have come to expect the sophistication that is the hallmark of the Saro line. Constantly updating our selections to reflect the latest trends, while keeping the quality of our products at their invariably high standing, makes us unique in our industry.

Best design at the best price is the foundation of all our relations. Period. We have never lost sight of this mandate. We offer a mix of products that affords something for every budget, from the everyday assortments to the limited collections, yet the underlying philosophy still stresses the best possible value for the price.

For any relationship to work, it has to be advantageous to both parties. Our customers get the best quality, value and service that we extend them and we thrive from our good rapport with them. The repeated cycle only furthers the enduring nature of our partnership.

The same applies to our employees: the Saro family has expanded over the years with many newer members while several senior employees have been a part of the family for over 22 years.

From products to customer relationships to employees, integrity is woven into the fiber of who we are as a company.